Video Library

This page has a selection of exercise, mobility and recipe videos, all to help your journey to a happier & healthier you. If there is a subject that you would like me to cover, then please contact me using the form below, and I will look into it for you.

TRX/Suspension Training

Push-Up Position With Rotation

Spinal Flexion & Extension Drill

Core Mobility

Couch Stretch

Chin-up/Pull-up Variation

TRX/Suspension Trainer Variation

Homemade Raw Chocolates

Core Training P1

Core Training P2

Core Training P3

Core Training P4

Push-Up Tutorial

Push-Up Progressions


Mobility Drills – Wall Hip-Flexor Mobility

Mobility Drills – T-Spine Drop Roll & Reach

Mobility Drills – Side Lying T-Spine Rotation

Mobility Drills – Knee Support T-Spine Rotation

Mobility Drills – High Knee Walk

Mobility Drills – High Knee Walk Progression

Mobility Drills – Hamstring Mobility

Mobility Drills – Glutes bridge

Mobility Drills – Glute Mobility

Mobility Drills – Glute Bridge – Knees to Chest

Mobility Drills – Calves Mobility

Mobility Drills – Advanced T-Spine Rotation

Mobility Drills – Advanced Hip & Hamstring Mobility

Keep training hard, keep moving well, and let’s stay fit & healthy for a very long time to come.