Kirsty Sneddon

Kirsty imageI have been working with Jake for the last two years, and within that time, my body shape has changed, my understanding towards foods that work for me, is better, and my fitness levels have increased dramatically.

My first love is running, and initially I was worried about working hard on my legs in case they got too big. Not only have my legs got thinner, the strength & endurance I have over longer runs is amazing.

We mainly work with the TRX, with lots of body-weight exercises thrown in, with the focus on a full body workout. My arms, my legs, and my core have never looked better. I really enjoy the type of training that we do, and I will continue to work with Jake as long as he allows me to.

If you are looking for someone who knows his stuff, is patient, and has a real desire to help you, then I highly recommend you contact Jake.