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kettlebellWhether you are looking to lose some weight for a special event, gain some muscle, or you simply want to move, eat and feel better, then I have plenty of options to help you.

g.a.t – gait analysis therapy

  • G.A.T is a movement based therapy that looks at the body in gait/motion
  • Every joint in the body is in motion when you are walking, but when one joint isn’t doing the work it’s supposed to be, somewhere else has to take on the extra work load. This is when problems/pain can occur in muscles/joints, which is usually a sign of a long-term, faulty movement pattern
  • Every joint has a centre, with G.A.T we look to regain centre for the whole body. Once your body finds its centre, pain & performance can be improved in seconds
  • To find out more about please click here G.A.T

TRX/Suspension Training

  • TRX/suspension training has been around for several years now, and was founded by a US marine that was looking to keep his troops razor sharp, whilst behind enemy lines. Suspension training utilises your own body-weight to create the resistance, and has a huge exercise arsenal to ensure a full-body workout.
  • Suspension training really enhances core-strength, due to execution of each exercise, as well as the instability of the straps which you train with.
  • If you are looking to burn fat, lose weight, gain muscle, increase strength, as well as improved endurance, then the TRX/suspension trainer has all bases covered.
  • The best thing about suspension training, is that it can be used anywhere, is light & portable, plus it is suitable for all levels of fitness.
  • If you haven’t already tried this type of training, then I suggest you get involved today.


  • Your body is your machine, and you have a huge arsenal of different types of movements, to challenge it, increase its performance, and to make it look incredible.
  • If you are limited for time, space, and ideas, I have plenty of body-weight routines that can get you into the best shape.

Mobility/Movement & Rehab

  • Many of us simply need to move more, and move better. If you are recovering from an injury, need to feel more confident with your every day movements, or you are looking to improve flexibility/mobility, I can help you to achieve all of the above.
  • You may also want to find out more about G.A.T


  • Good nutrition is not only essential to all of your fitness goals, it is vital to your long-term health.
  • The key to success with your diet/nutrition, is consistency. With each programme we look to add one thing at a time, before moving onto something else.
  • 80-20% ratio of good to bad foods, philosophy

If you are looking to train at home, in the back garden, or at your local park, then let me come to you for the workout. For further information please contact me using the form below.

Keep training hard, keep moving well, and let’s stay fit & healthy for a very long time to come