4 Week Core Workout

The 4 WEEK CORE PROGRAMME is designed to make you stronger in your every day movements, and if you’re looking to help aid your big lifts (squat, dead lift, bench press), this is great way to make sure you’re ready to shift some serious weights, safely.

The focus with the 4 Week Core Programme is to keep your spine as stable as possible, while moving other parts of your body around it, i.e. your arms and legs. Focusing on a stable back/torso will help to build some serious strength through your core, whilst avoiding injury.

We do have the capacity to move in three-dimensional planes, which should be encouraged as much as possible. But for a vast majority of people, knowing how to brace correctly, as well as getting the spine, ribs & pelvis into a stable position, can be problematic. This is where the 4 Week Core Programme will teach you optimal set-up to carry over into many of your athletic activities.

The 4 WEEK CORE PROGRAMME has two separate days of training, with different exercises for each part. There are instruction videos on all exercises, along with a full run down on how to correctly perform every move.

A good training programme will only elicit great results when followed closely with a strategic diet plan. The 4 WEEK CORE PROGRAMME  gives you the following guides to help make sure you stay on track:

  • TDEE Calculator (total daily energy expenditure)
  • Nutrition Guide (breaks down why you should be eating certain foods)
  • 4 Week Recipe Guide (breakfast, lunch, dinner, smoothies & juices, healthier treats)
  • 4 Week Food Plan (4 weeks worth of meals all planned out for you)

The 4 WEEK CORE PROGRAMME can be used at home, provided  you have a few essential items: Resistance band/s, and a Swiss/Stability ball. If you have access to a gym, that’s even better.

This is a brand new product of mine, with a discounted introductory price of just £15! So act fast, and get your programme today.

(This whole package is worth £500)

(if PayPal doesn’t redirect you after your purchase, click on the ‘return to JD Health and Performance‘ link to take you to the product page)

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For any further information please email me: jake@jdhealthandperformance.com

Keep training hard, keep moving well, and let’s stay fit & healthy for a very long time to come!!



  1. Jake’s passion for fitness and movement can be seen on how he put together this course. Most courses just give you the movements without much anything else. This one is designed not only to help you train your core, but to educate why these movements are done and what effect it has on the body. Clear concise instructions and lots of options will help you improve your core strength and overall well-being safely.


  2. I always had problems with my core: not enough strength, couldn’t find the right exercises, couldn’t breathe along the sets….what a nightmare!. With the 4 week core workout, I’ve learned to focus on different techniques that helps me with my breathing throughout the sets and have more control of the muscles in my core towards achieving my goals, thanks Jake!

    Siempre he tenido diferentes problemas con mis abdominales: poca fuerza, ejercicios erroneos que no me ayudaban, me quedaba sin aire rapidamente….muy frustrante!. Despues de probar “4 week core workout” he aprendido varias técnicas que me ayudan a enfocarme mejor en mi respiracion durante el entrenamiento y con ello tengo un mejor control de los musculos abdominales; con movimientos mas controlados, gano fuerza, obteniendo así mejores resultados. Gracias Jake!!


  3. I have been following Jake’s programme for the last 4 weeks and not only my lower back pain is gone but my abdominal muscles are more visible now. Jake’s understanding of how the human body works plus the passion he puts on his work will help anyone to achieve their goals.


  4. Thanks Jake! You explain things really well which makes the core workout super easy to follow and the nutrition guide is really helpful. I actually learnt a lot about food which I found really interesting. It really seems to make a difference what you eat and I saw this reflected in my body outside and in. The meal plan is much easier to do than others I have done in the past too, every ingredient was easy to source.


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