Push-Up Position with Rotation

In today’s video we are continuing with the core mobility/exercise regime, and with this drill comes several ways in which to progress the movement.

Take Away Points:

  • Start in a push-up position with arms directly underneath your shoulders
  • Rotate your arm around and away from you as far as possible, safely
  • As you rotate, make sure your eyes follow the hand of the side you’re working
  • Alternate sides as you go
  • Add some dumbbells in either one hand to start off with, or both hands, to progress the exercise
  • To further progress the exercise, throw in a full push-up, and add some weights
  • Add this to your current training programme, or simply use at home
  • Aim for 3-4 sets in total, anywhere from 10-20 reps in total

This drill allows you to fully explore, and challenge your centre of mass/base of support, so make sure you are pushing the boundaries to discover full ROM (range of motion) in your movements.

Good luck!

Keep training hard, keep moving well, and let’s stay fit & healthy for a very long time to come!!




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