Spinal Flexion and Extension Mobility Drill

In today’s short video we are running through the full ROM (range of motion) with spinal flexion & extension. Nine times out of ten, you will see the majority of the population stuck in a flexed spinal position. Rarely will you see someone that’s over extended in the spine.

Why is this? Well, with a high majority of us sat down for our day jobs, moving less, and not to mention the overuse of handheld devices, we spend most of our days stuck in a flexed spinal position, NOT GOOD!

By using this short drill for at least five minutes per day, you’ll be encouraging your spine to move through its full ROM.


Takeaway points:

  • Encourage as much spinal flexion to allow you to get maximum extension potential
  • Internally rotate your hands & shoulders inwards when flexion the spine & close the ribs
  • Externally rotate your hands & shoulders outwards when extending the spine & lift the ribs/chest
  • Inhale on extension of the spine
  • Exhale on flexion of the spine
  • Over exaggerate each end range position
  • Make sure there is no pain when performing this drill, if there is, STOP

You can even do this movement when you’re walking around. You might think you look like an idiot, but to be honest, who cares.

Five minutes every day to counter-act hours of poor posture. Try it, see what happens……..

Keep training hard, keep moving well, and let’s stay fit & healthy for a very long time to come!!


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