Core Training – Part 3 (anti-extension)


Now we move onto PART 3, and hopefully by now you should see some form of pattern emerging from the previous day’s movements? No? Then let’s see how you get on after today’s video.

So, in PART 1, we covered ANTI-LATERAL-FLEXION, and in PART 2, we covered ANTI-ROTATION. Now we move onto what’s known as ‘ANTI-EXTENSION‘ exercises.

The simplest way to think of an ANTI-EXTENSION exercise, is avoiding/stopping excessive extension in your lumbar spine, or over arching in your lower back.


The great thing about this particular movement pattern, is that it can really help to expose weak anterior/front core issues. What you’ll find is that people with a weak anterior core will struggle to keep out an excessive arch in their lower back, which usually displays as the hips sagging down towards the ground. This could also be a motor control issue, where people simply don’t know how to brace correctly to keep the spine in a neutral position.

I like to start with the HAND WALKOUT, as it one of the more regressed versions of an ANTI-EXTENSION exercises. Not only that, it’s a damn sight safer to test with people that might not have sufficient anterior core strength/motor control.

(You can always progress the exercise onto a swiss-ball once this particular movement has been perfected)

Take away points from todays video:

  • Get into the braced position before you get down into the start position
  • Get the hands underneath the shoulders, and create some external rotation to set the shoulders
  • Maintain the same shape in your torso all the way through the movement
  • Pause for a 2-3 count when arms are extended
  • Always use proper form & technique
  • Progress the exercise when this movement becomes easier

Tomorrow we will be finishing things off with ‘HIP FLEXION WITH A NEUTRAL SPINE‘, plus a full explanation as to why I think you should be training your core in this particular way.

I hope you have enjoyed the videos so far, stay tuned for PART 4!

Keep training hard, keep moving well, and let’s stay fit & healthy for a very long time to come!!


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