Core Training – Part 2 (anti-rotation)


In yesterday’s video/post, we covered what’s known as ‘ANTI-LATERAL FLEXION‘. Today we are going to be covering ‘ANTI-ROTATION‘ exercises.

The simplest way to think about ANTI-ROTATION exercises, is trying to avoid/stopping your torso being pulled around to one side. Now, there are a few different exercises to work through this particular core pattern, but the one that trumps them all for me, is the ‘TALL KNEELING PALLOFF PRESS‘.


The reason I like this particular position with this exercise, is that by taking a lot of the focus away from the legs, it really translates across into what/where you need to be braced in order to execute the movement effectively.

Like yesterday’s video, there is more of an emphasis on the internal & external obliques, but again, everything else needs to be on, and engaged to help maintain a neutral spine/torso position.

Time and time again in the gym I see people holding one weight plate in their hand, and going from side to side, doing oblique crunches (if this is you, stop it)! Bang for your buck, the PALLOFF PRESS (there are a few versions) will not only get your obliques strong, provided you’re eating well, you can also achieve the desired mid-section that so many of us are in search of.

Take away points from today’s video:

  • Make sure you get into the braced position before you start the movement
  • Ensure that your knees/legs are inline with your hips
  • Shoulders back and down all the way through the exercise
  • Hold your arms straight out on the last rep of each set, for a 5-10 second count
  • Use proper form & technique at all times
  • Progress the exercise (add more resistance) when it becomes too easy

I generally start all of my clients down in this position, and then progress up to a standing-stance, once they have gained some good core strength.

I used to be that guy in the gym (many years ago) that was crunching from side to side with a weight plate. Experience through doing things incorrectly has taught me lots of things, and from making all of these mistakes, I now know how to effectively train my core.

Give this one a try, as well as yesterday’s core exercise (ANTI-LATERAL FLEXION), and see just how effective it makes the rest of your training.

Keep training hard, keep moving well, and let’s stay fit & healthy for a very long time to come!!


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