Training For Weight Loss



Last night was spent (like most evenings) researching some new material, this was in the form of a documentary that goes by the name of ‘Carb Loaded’. If you haven’t had the chance to see the film, I suggest that you take some time out, register with ‘FMTV’ (Food Matters TV), they have a Facebook page as well with all of the information on there, and watch this, and many other of their inspirational, eye opening films.

These films are great, very informative, and insightful. However, some of the examples of the people they use in these films, are pretty extreme. This is to say, that not all of us need to take the measures that these unfortunate individuals have to go through. But, it does give good reason, as to why we really should be taking the time to invest in our long-term health.

I will cut right to the chase on this post, and keep this very short. One of the many take away messages that I got from this film, or more of a quote. Was from a Dr. (the name escapes me?) that had spent many years over weight, but had been training all along, with the purpose to lose the weight that he had gained.

Now don’t quote me word for word on this, but this is the quote/message that he delivered:

You shouldn’t be training to lose weight, If you eat right, and the right amounts, the weight stays off, you should be training to stay fit and healthy’.

Simply put, this is spot on. There’s another saying that’s used within my industry:

You can’t out train a bad diet’.

Again, this sits so true, you can train until your’e blue in the face, every day, day after day, but if the food that’s going in, is void of nutrients, and comes from bad sources, you aren’t going to see much change, if any. There are of course the odd exception to the rule that are genetically gifted. But guaranteed, over time, they will get some form a metabolic damage/syndrome, that will eventually rear it’s ugly head. Just because you look healthy on the outside, doesn’t mean that you’re healthy on the inside.

So where am I going with all of this? None of us are prefect, and I am not telling you that you should be eating like a vegan monk for the rest of your days. What I am trying to tell you, is that eating right, eating healthy, and then indulging every now and then, is going to make you look healthy, make you feel healthy, help you lose weight, help you be more energised, help you have more focus. Most importantly, it’s going to help prevent any serious illness, and theoretically, help you to live a longer, happier, healthier life.

I cannot express just how amazing it feels to be fit, healthy, and full of life.

Start making a small change today, you don’t need to change your lifestyle in one week. These things take time, small steps, one at a time. Eventually your body is going to thank you for it.

Stay strong people!





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